Sydney, New South Wales
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This is a work at home business that guarantees great weekly income.please be warned you lose money by the day!.no local interest and conman director.research his fraudulent past and call holland park mag court for details.

It has no potential,this man is saught by lawyers,landlords,debt collection agencies.conned stay at home mums and pensioners.please do your hmework and dont purchase a business that is loud (machine compressor has to remain on will wake the dead)had neighbours knocking at our door 3 times!

j.andronicos was ordered to return our money/refund us once receiving the machine back upon judges orders.

We went to court court 3 times.machine is with him but he has thus far failed to give us a cent back. cost us $25,000!!!!!! he evades collection agencies and makes fake reports by lying to police.

makes threats on email and lies to judges and writes fake contracts (perjury)!please research and share this on facebook to warn people about this mouse of a man who poses as a business man but is a criminal,thief,liar lacks integrity and is a shameless liar!research hs past in 2003 (arrested for fraud)...

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This worthless piece of dog turd is still operating.Expose him on facebook.

Please contact A current Affair.

We did however they said they needed more people to come forward to pirsue investigation.HIS BUSINESS IS FAKE!!!!!


It's looks like he's on it again.Qld Department of Justice is a joke!

He's now advertising in Perth area on Gumtree under

My Home Business / get this under the name of "Pete Smith"

I managed to get Gumtree to take it down but over 1500 saw and visited the advert and he was asking $12500!!!!I really hope no one bought into it. is a scam just like his other businesses.


Biggest conman going around.Won't give me back my money.

Leni Andronicos will do return photo calls. I think she's in the scam also.

The entire family is a scam.They just take your money and deliver nothing.


Anyone know him personally?Doesn't his family ask him what the heck are you doing?

Why are you so dishonest to hundreds of people who just want to earn a honest living? Family plays part in issues like this. This really is disgusting that he is allowed to get away with it time after time. Maybe next customer wont be so law abiding and do the world a favour by exposing this *** artist.



to Mary Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia #1283692

I hope this thread also picks up and links to James Charles as I was not aware of his name being James Andronicos and have to lost a deposit of $5K paid last July. Now taking legal action but on reading all of this not hopeful of getting a penny back.

Menzies Creek, Victoria, Australia #1259039

Watch out for smelly *** holes like Andronicos.People like him stab you and tell the world they are bleeding!

Its in their genes. We all crossed paths with demons. This one runs a business. How shameful that the so called justice system lets these criminals run free and targets and arrest the petty law breakers.

SHAME!Stay away from James Andronicos the father of all RATS!!!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1221785

Only thing i can say is hope he rottttttts in *** along with his crooked corrupt money hungry filthy family...his daughter is in on it and shame them all.


We're very close to prosecution by the Qld authorities however think some natural justice would serve better

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1177089

how did people go with putting this *** to in the process of it now and he is ignoring emails etc.

and has that many different names and business names its not funny. We will get this settled as this time around.. he has messed with the wrong family!

cya soon big boy james..;)

to Anonymous Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1221783

Please do the world a favor.This spineless sewer rat laughs at us with every dollar hemakes from his next victim.

What a useless worthless waste of oxygen.I hope people spot in his face and show him that kind of *** isn not tolerated.

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